A.E. FABRICS (PVT) LTD is operating in the Textile Market, as

Manufacturer & Exporter

of Textile Fabrics, Home Textile, Hospitality Textile and Instutional Items.

About Us



An Ultimate Textile Brand in Market since 1997

AE FABRICS, better known as AMEER ENTERPRISES in the past, has more than twenty years of experience in the textile industry. We started our journey as textile traders in 1997; at this time, we started exporting woven fabric, Poly-cotton, denier, flannel, and dyed/printed fabric all across the world.

Today we are not only the exporters of textile products in the country, but we are also one of the biggest producers of all kinds of home textile finished products.

We have been providing textile products for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens since 2000 when we installed our first stitching unit.

AE FABRICS is not just a game-changer in home textile finished products, but we also have vast experience in producing institutional textile products for 5-star hotels and well-reputed hospitals around the goble.

Time went by, and in 2003, AE FABRICS installed its very first AUTO & SULZER Looms. We took this initiative in light of the positive response from our customers. After a successful family experience in the woven textile industry, we thought of providing a new range of house fabrics to our customers. Today we weave a huge range of quality and smooth textile products for both our local and international customers. AE FABRICS doesn't believe in self-praise, but our customers have taken us to the level where we have become renowned textile manufacturer and exporters in the country.


Let's Experience Exclusive Quality

Sleep in Style with Our High-Quality Bedding, More Than Just a Piece of Fabric

Today, as years go by the range of produced textiles products, has increased and so has the size of our company. AE FABRICS is today home to thousands of employees from across the world who are putting their best efforts into providing quality products to homes, hospitals, and hotels! The main goal of AE FABRICS is to provide environment-friendly and affordable textile products to our customers. We also believe in setting fair trade policies which can benefit both our clients and our customers.



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